Sunday, October 30, 2011

Patchwork Heart Dippin'!

PatchWork Heart has an apple bob just outside it's main store.  In addition to fun candies and cookies that hang from your mouth, you can grab a bunch of gorgeous outfits.  The best part, each outfit comes with matching shoes!  I love when a creator does that. 

Super cute Gretel!

The matching shoes are brimming with candy.  I am getting cravings just looking at them.

Tempting Tartan is a gorgeous mini dress with a belt (not shown) and 2 leggings options.
And some of the hottest boots I have seen in a while.

I can't believe I have made it almost to Halloween without that naughty schoolgirl staple.  Luckily School Days is saving the season!

 And the matching heals and socks!

I do not know how long the apple bob will be out, so hurry over there!  There is at least one more outfit in the bob that I didn't show.  You can bob every 3 minutes!

PatchWork Heart - All clothes - Free in Apple Bob-
"D!VA" Naomi hair in Black Amber - Group Gift (free to join, fatpack 20,000 member gift in store) -

We didn't reach the contest goal of 1000 members (yet!) but thank you everyone for inviting your friends!  I will still send out a little something later this week as a thank you.

Happy Halloween! <3 Moira

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