Friday, October 28, 2011

Orange You Glad For Freebies?

Woo!  I seem to be back online, and all problems have been fixed.Back to my normal posting schedule.

I must have a dozen different fairy costumes.  I love love love them.  This sweetheart is a free gift right now from Delicious.  They also have a teal version for free nearby.

Just out today is this skin subscribo gift from Amacci.  To get it, go to the store and hit the subscribo near the entrance.  After you have joined hit it again to get the gift from the history. If you know Amacci then you know everything they put out is classy, so getting a free skin from them is awesome.

Rounding out today with a MM prize hair from Alice Project.  The hair comes as a menu driven fatpack with tons of options such as highlighting the tips.

Delicious Pixie in Orange - Free in Store -

*Amacci* Jenny Skin in Pumpkin - Subscribo Gift -

*Alice Project* Wonderland II Mega Pack - MM Boards -

So glad to be back.  I missed you guys.  Don't forget about the contest!  If we reach 1000 members by tomorrow, I'm sending out my shape as well as a mystery gift!

Happy Hunting!
<3 Moira

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