Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Favorite Jeans

Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans?  You know, the ones that fit like skin, are soft as butter, and make your tush look amazing.  These are my SL favorite jeans.

Parckages in the 'Miss' outfit, these jeans are free at Phoenix Rising.  Many older players probably already know of the store, so you might already have these.  Even if you do, hop over to the store.  There are a -ton- of free gifts and nothing in the store is priced over 25.  For real.  And this stuff is amazing.

Curious Kitties just released this sweet short hair as a free gift in store.  It is now my favorite hair and I refuse to take it off.  The darling orange fall top is a brand new group gift from 1 Hundred. 
As the name implies, nothing in the store is priced over $100 L!

So thats something old, something new, and something new!  

-Phoenix Rising- Miss - Free in store -
*C:K* Nyanotech 09-B Series Hair - Free in store -
1 Hundred. Falling - Group gift in store -

The skin here is the Al Vulo anniversary gift and the eyes are from the seasons hunt post.  Both of these have been already blogged, but I slove them together, so here they are!

Happy hunting! <3 Moira

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