Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Lucky at Mashooka

If you have never been to Mashooka, it is definitely worth a stop.  The store is divided into two sections, Indian and Western style, and both are filled with beautiful clothes and jewelry.  Each side also has one lucky chair.  I know what you are thinking, just one?  I was skeptical, but luck was on my side.  I was able to snatch up 3 outfits in about 10 minutes.  It helps that " ? " comes up frequently here. :)

The chair on the Indian side is filled with beautiful ghrara in many different colors.  I scored two on my initial visit, and an additional one while I was writing this post.
The western side has an adorable dress in a wide array of colors as well.
Here I am wearing the skin from Cupcakes that I blogged last time with the black lip gloss layer.  The hair is a D!va freebie (of course :) ).  The jewelry is a past freebie from Mashooka, but now only available for purchase.

The skirt is sheer and lacy, letting the panties peek through just a bit.  Perfect for a night out!  

Charm in Almond skin and Brown Eyes- Cupcakes Pumpkin Hunt

Happy hunting! <3 Moira

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