Monday, October 3, 2011

Femme Fatale

I was on my way to a photoshop to take pics of some dollarbies I picked up.  I landed on the sim and it was gone.  And there was Femme Fatale Fashions.  I looked around that the stuff is FANTASTIC.  This hot little number is the scribo gift there.  These pictures do this dress NO justice.  You have to go and put it on yourself.  You could wear it 2 different ways.  Each one ties differently.

Outfit: Gorgeous Goth Gown @ Femme Fatale Fashions
Hair: Previously blogged.  Darla on the Red Seal Hunt.

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  1. They also have camping chairs with awesome stuff in them. My favorite is the Formally is a long sit time but well worth it if you just leave your avi AFK