Monday, October 17, 2011


I <3 this outfit.  This one of the 10 items you can find at the Decadent Halloween Hunt.  These items are well hidden.  It's not your typical hunt item.  Look for loose floorboards, different color bricks and pieces that are out of place.  Click on them and get the prize.  This is what I found when I went hunting.  This awesome Spiderweb peekaboo corset & matching Spiderweb mini skirt w/studded belt & matching thongs.

This skin was in the scribo gift for Modavia Fashion Dictonary.

This item is in perfect timing, I'm not much one for accessories, but this worked perfectly.  This is a group gift at Sacred Rose.  It changes to 66 different colors, so you can have fun for the entire month.

Outfit: Decadent-Spiderweb outfit (2 separate hunt gifts)
Skin: Modavia Fashion Directory-Gio Skin
Hair: CaTwA-Maryum (group gift till the 22nd)
Necklace: Sacred Rose- SR Spider Web Necklace (changes in 66 colors, group gift)

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