Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cupcakes Great Pumpkin Hunt!

Whenever I think of skins, only two places come to mind.  Tuli and Cupcakes.  Oh sure there are other gorgeous skins out there, and I love wearing many different brands, but these guys are my staples.  So when I saw Cupcakes is hosting a pumpkin hunt this month, I was over the moon.

  Prize pumpkins are located in the Cupcakes store, the courtyard, and most of the other stores in the shopping mall.  I'm not showing you everything I've picked up, I want to leave you with surprises!  Everything pictured is free from this hunt except the eyes, hair, and shape.

Cupcakes offered up this gorgeous skin in multiple tones with a few dozen tattoo layer lipsticks.  Each tone is perfectly executed.

These adorable shoes have a color change option scripted in.  Pictured here are the green and mauve options.

I am suddenly craving candy corn.

Get on over to Cupcakes.  The hunt is fast, easy, and filled with awesome prizes!

Happy Hunting! <3 Moira

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