Sunday, October 30, 2011

Patchwork Heart Dippin'!

PatchWork Heart has an apple bob just outside it's main store.  In addition to fun candies and cookies that hang from your mouth, you can grab a bunch of gorgeous outfits.  The best part, each outfit comes with matching shoes!  I love when a creator does that. 

Super cute Gretel!

The matching shoes are brimming with candy.  I am getting cravings just looking at them.

Tempting Tartan is a gorgeous mini dress with a belt (not shown) and 2 leggings options.
And some of the hottest boots I have seen in a while.

I can't believe I have made it almost to Halloween without that naughty schoolgirl staple.  Luckily School Days is saving the season!

 And the matching heals and socks!

I do not know how long the apple bob will be out, so hurry over there!  There is at least one more outfit in the bob that I didn't show.  You can bob every 3 minutes!

PatchWork Heart - All clothes - Free in Apple Bob-
"D!VA" Naomi hair in Black Amber - Group Gift (free to join, fatpack 20,000 member gift in store) -

We didn't reach the contest goal of 1000 members (yet!) but thank you everyone for inviting your friends!  I will still send out a little something later this week as a thank you.

Happy Halloween! <3 Moira

Amacci Night!

I apologize once again for my absense.  It is really hectic a week before a hunt.  I took some time off to show off a great skin and dress.  And oops I forgot to take my wedding ring off.

Hair, Skin, & Makeup: Amacci (Group Gift):

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Favorite Jeans

Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans?  You know, the ones that fit like skin, are soft as butter, and make your tush look amazing.  These are my SL favorite jeans.

Parckages in the 'Miss' outfit, these jeans are free at Phoenix Rising.  Many older players probably already know of the store, so you might already have these.  Even if you do, hop over to the store.  There are a -ton- of free gifts and nothing in the store is priced over 25.  For real.  And this stuff is amazing.

Curious Kitties just released this sweet short hair as a free gift in store.  It is now my favorite hair and I refuse to take it off.  The darling orange fall top is a brand new group gift from 1 Hundred. 
As the name implies, nothing in the store is priced over $100 L!

So thats something old, something new, and something new!  

-Phoenix Rising- Miss - Free in store -
*C:K* Nyanotech 09-B Series Hair - Free in store -
1 Hundred. Falling - Group gift in store -

The skin here is the Al Vulo anniversary gift and the eyes are from the seasons hunt post.  Both of these have been already blogged, but I slove them together, so here they are!

Happy hunting! <3 Moira

SPECIAL REPORT! 50% OFF (This is a money post)

BC & Co. is having a 50% off costume sale.  This is a one time deal for posting anything that cost over 1L, (other then bloggin M.O.C.K. Cosmetic, which is a VERY close friend of the blog.)  Now onto the sale, I have blogged 3 of my favorite outfits.  With the sale going on each outfit is 75L.  They are also having a hunt on the sim, little pumkins, which I believe are no more then 5L themselves.

Jailbird II

Mother Nature ~ Day (This outfit comes in 8 different colors.)

Deadly Sex Kitten ~ Black (This outfit comes in 6 different colors.)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Orange You Glad For Freebies?

Woo!  I seem to be back online, and all problems have been fixed.Back to my normal posting schedule.

I must have a dozen different fairy costumes.  I love love love them.  This sweetheart is a free gift right now from Delicious.  They also have a teal version for free nearby.

Just out today is this skin subscribo gift from Amacci.  To get it, go to the store and hit the subscribo near the entrance.  After you have joined hit it again to get the gift from the history. If you know Amacci then you know everything they put out is classy, so getting a free skin from them is awesome.

Rounding out today with a MM prize hair from Alice Project.  The hair comes as a menu driven fatpack with tons of options such as highlighting the tips.

Delicious Pixie in Orange - Free in Store -

*Amacci* Jenny Skin in Pumpkin - Subscribo Gift -

*Alice Project* Wonderland II Mega Pack - MM Boards -

So glad to be back.  I missed you guys.  Don't forget about the contest!  If we reach 1000 members by tomorrow, I'm sending out my shape as well as a mystery gift!

Happy Hunting!
<3 Moira

Missing in Action!

We have not forgotten you.  We are working hard to finish up the Dare2Bare 3 Hunt that is coming in November.  I will make a post later on this after noon.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My internet decided to take an unscheduled vacation, so I wont be able to post for a few days.  The spotty wifi I can pick up just wont let me load Second Life.  A 'technician' will be here eventually, but you know how that goes.

So, that's the bad news.  The good news is I am bored, so I thought up a mini contest for the SHST crowd!  Currently our group is at 923 members, and I'd love to see it hit 1000.  If we can reach that goal, I am going to give away a few gifts.  The first will be one of my two personal shapes, the ones you always see here on the blog.  They are entirely made from scratch and I have never shared them before.  The second gift will be a household item I make as soon as I get back in world.  I have no idea what yet, but it will be distributed only to SHST, then retired!

Here are the details!  If we can hit 1000 members by Saturday at noon SLT, I will send out the shape that day, and the special gift within a few days to the group.  So invite your friends, neighbors, siblings, etc!  You only have a few days to reach the goal!

(no spamming please.  I love my shape, but it is not good enough to be a bother:) )

<3 Moira

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Seasons Autumn Hunt Part 2!!

More lovely goodness from The Seasons hunt!  I don't think I have ever tried to cram this much into one post, so hold on!

[pivaaca] Cable Knit Sweater (Men's and Womens versions) -
Ingenue Bijou dress in Cranberry -
::Duh!:: The Seasons Fall Hunt Bag -
*DECO Mesh Madison Boots -

This skin is not a part of the hunt, but is a free anniversary gift now at [ AL VULO! ].  It is group only, but free to join.  Everything else is still hunt goodies!

[ AL VULO! ] Sun Kissed Skin - Apple hair (mini fatpack!) -
eleanor rigby Optics Eyes in Aztec -

More you say??

And now the unclothes goodies!

Umwelt Harvest Skybox (where all pictures were taken) -
[*Art Dummy!] and we fall. (bed) -
Olive Juice Thrilling Pose Pack -

Only 4 more days to snatch up all these goodies.  Shoo, shoo, time to go hunting!

<3 Moira

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Seasons Autumn Hunt Part 1

I spent last night and this morning scouring the grid for The Seasons last hunt (that is last hunt ever *sad face* ).  Each and every prize I picked up was something I loved, and it really gave me the steam to power through to the end.

I am going to try to squish as many of these babies in as I can.  The hunt ends in on October 29th, so don't wait!
  As always, click on any image to see a larger version.

GLITTERATI Seasons - Fall Pose prop (tree and holdable pumpkins) -
::{u.f.o.}:: the last fall with u (skirt and sweater) -

RAW :: HOUSE Raquella hair with color change strands -

If you would like to get a jump on my next Seasons hunt post, here is a list of the participating stores!  There is no hint list, so this is a bit of an old fashioned hunt, but there is an in world group you can ask, or you can also poke me for a bit of help!

Happy Hunting!
<3 Moira

How 'Bout Some Whipped Cream

This outfit was composed of pants from Whipped Cream (use to be WhAtEvEr!).  A the top is from the ZombiePopcorn hunt stop # 21, Glue Ink.

The Whipped Cream group gift comes in both black & orange for your enjoyment.

The skin is an anniversary skin from Al Vulo! 

The hair is from Curio in their scribo.  It comes in 3 different colors, blonde w/black tips, black w/blonde tips & blonde w/red tips.  I have used this hair for AGES, so I modded it to black.. I <3 this hair massively.

The jewelry is from Glue Ink which is a freebie =)

Pants: Whipped Cream Group, (join group look in notices) secondlife:///app/group/8bba527b-d462-fa9e-b4dc-a9d45ce11666/about
Hair: Gift <3 (Scribo) @ Curio
Jewelry: Brow-Septum-Piercing @ Glue Ink

Spreading More Halloween Cheer

My husband and I <3 Halloween time so I thought I'd throw out another outfit.

Outfit: Pumpkin Baby (Group Gift) @ Crazy Kitty
Hair: Olive (Scribo) hair comes w/ hud that changes in several different colors @ Milana

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing with the Red Devil

This outfit is the group gift Vampirella.  Also comes with mesh skirt but I don't run a mesh viewer, Sorry!

I won this outfit on a mini MM board.  Called Latex Melody.

The hair is from LeLukta in the scribo.

Hair: LeLukta (Scribo Gift) ~ Rush -
Outfit: Red Devil (Group Gift) ~ Vampirella & Latex Melody-

The Gypsy Life

Just a little ways down from the SHST Headquarters is a beautiful and cheery store called Gypsy Soul.  If you have never wandered into the shops around Anarchy, you are definitely missing out!  Gypsy Soul has a great outfit for free in store now.

Included is a great hoodie with prim sleeves, hood, and pocket as well as these fantastic khaki jeans.  The jeans have prim flared cuffs, and look great with or without them!  While you are there, take a look around.  All the outfits at Gypsy Soul are wonderful and super cheap.

Another great deal is this hair from W&Y.  It has a built in menu that turns a single hair into a fat pack of 16 colors for only $1.

Remember to swing into the HQ to check out all the great freebies there while you are in Anarchy!

Happy hunting! <3 Moira

Adam N Eve Go Astray!

This is a group gift by Gizza.  The group is free. 

This skin is a group gift from Adam N Eve.  It cost 1L to join the group.

This hair comes in 2 different colors, Strawberry (shown) and Black. Both come with a resizer.  This is also a group gift.

Outfit: Gizza- Black Formal Dress (Group Gift)- 
Skin: Adam N Eve - Ghostly Halloween Skin (Group Gift, 1L)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Toxic Bish!

This outfit is from Toxic Bish (thanks for the tip Moira).  The skeleton is a prop from a lands decoration.  In this picture I am wearing the halter top with the Dead Queen skin.

This shirt is called Open T-Shirt.  It comes with a spiderweb pastie..

This hair is called Carla.  It is on marketplace.  I thought it would go nice with the outfit.

Outfit: Dead Queen Skin, Gift Pants,  Halter Top (Group Gifts) @ Toxic Bish

I feel Just Like Cinderella...

You know, the one before the ball.

This adorable raggedy dress is perfect for all sorts of role playing!  It is a free gift in store at JunBug (Junbug is located on an adult sim)! I paired it with another great hair from D!va.  This one is Mirai in ruby, and is only available from the lucky boards in store (group required, but free to join).  The hair is availale in other colors, but purchase only.

Click on pictures to see them full size!
*{JunBug}* Syler - Free in Store -

"D!VA" Mirai in ruby - Lucky Boards -

Happy hunting! <3 Moira

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Be Unique!

Yesterday I stumbled across a little (okay, more like medium to large) size shop called Unique Clothing.  When I wandered in the first thing that caught me eye was the counter full of group freebies.  I snagged up every single one, then ran home to roll in my spoils!

Shown here is Rachel in Orange.  It also has a skirt prim option to change this dress into a sleek mini.
Suzie in white, paired with MM boots from DillyDolls.

Suited outfit.  You do need a group tag to grab these, but it is free to join!

You know me, I like to leave some surprises, so yes there are more gifts in store then I have shown.  Plus some adorable glitter pumpkins!  As a bonus, most items in the store seem to be around 100L.

LAST WARNING FOR THE HAIR FROM CaTwA!  It is only available as a free fat pack until tomorrow!  Just follow the paw prints, slap a subscribe terminal, and it is all yours!  Also be sure to pick up the free hair bases in store.

Happy hunting!
<3 Moira

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary Lo*Momo*

This whole outfit is a group gift from Lo*Momo*.  It comes with the dress, hair w/hat, & chocker.

Close up on the chocker that comes with the dress.

These gladiator shoes come with a hud, and is a group gift @ Gabriel.

Outfit, Choker & Hair: Lo*Momo* (Group Gift)- 3rd Anniversary gift-
Shoes: Gabriel (Group Gift)- Gladitoar Sandles

I'm Just A Mean Girl

These 2 outfits are in a freebie pack from Mean Girls.  There are seveal different outfits in the package, I just picked 2.  The hair is the group gift from Ploom.

This skin is from Titzuki, this is the darker shade.  There is a pale version also.

Hair: Ploom- Aisline (Group Gift)
Skin: Titzuki- Deena (Group Gift)