Friday, September 30, 2011

Bonus Post

Sneaking in to show you all the most awesome mesh I've seen so far!

Draw me like one of your french girls.

Paired with the full body invisible prim already in your inventory, this one item gives you the look of a fully walking talking skellie that works with your AO!

Catching a monster movie.

The good (besides the sheer awesomeness of just being a skeleton) is that you can add prim objects to your AV with almost no adjustments.  Hats, hair, purses, sunglasses, skirts... sky is the limit!  The bad?  Viewers without mesh support will not be able to see you.  But bully on them anyhow.

Mesh Skeleton Avatar - Free on the marketplace-

Big thank you to one of our SHST group members for sharing this with me.  I'd mention you by name, but I'm not sure if you are shy:)

Happy Haunting <3 Moira

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