Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bish Please.

Earlier today a friend pointed me to Toxic Bish, and I don't know how I made it so long in SL without finding it earlier.  They have some great group gifts out right now, as well as an awesome freebie basement.

In store right now Toxic Bish is offering this skin in two skin tones as a free gift to group members.  It includes the under eye scar and slight bruising near the mouth.  Terrific skin for a grungier look.
The same skin in the tanned tone.

The outfit is a freebie from Bish, located under the store, plus jewelry from the MHOH hunt, tat from the Just for Fun hunt, and adorable hair with hat from Savior Hair.

 With boots from the lucky chairs at +DV8+, this entire outfit comes in at 1L or less!

Warrior Bish Skin - [Toxic Bish] - In store group gift (free to join)

ToxicBish Diva outfit - [Toxic Bish] - In store freebie

(Posh) Rosey Love in Sunflower - Savior Hair -

Night Sprite Boots in Moss - +DV8+ lucky chairs -

MHO Bangles and Necklace (earrings too, but not shown!)  - Ear Candy MHOHunt prize -

"Mix" Tattoo - [Dark & Burn] Just for Fun hunt prize -

Perce Ma Langue piercing - Acide! MHOHunt Prize -

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