Friday, September 30, 2011

Bonus Post

Sneaking in to show you all the most awesome mesh I've seen so far!

Draw me like one of your french girls.

Paired with the full body invisible prim already in your inventory, this one item gives you the look of a fully walking talking skellie that works with your AO!

Catching a monster movie.

The good (besides the sheer awesomeness of just being a skeleton) is that you can add prim objects to your AV with almost no adjustments.  Hats, hair, purses, sunglasses, skirts... sky is the limit!  The bad?  Viewers without mesh support will not be able to see you.  But bully on them anyhow.

Mesh Skeleton Avatar - Free on the marketplace-

Big thank you to one of our SHST group members for sharing this with me.  I'd mention you by name, but I'm not sure if you are shy:)

Happy Haunting <3 Moira

Is it Getting Hot in Here?

If there was ever a pair of shoes that could give me a foot fetish, these might be it.

 Nab these from the Tara Shoes MM board!  They include an effortless hud to change size, skin tones, and nail color.

In front of the MM board are various free gifts.  Make sure to tap those too!

Who doesn't love sundresses?  As a last salute to summer I have been wearing this dress non-stop since I opened the box.  I picked it up from the Guess & Win board, but DragonLady's Closet also offers this dress in a few different colors on her camping chairs.

Rounding today's post out with a lucky board score from RubisoHo.  The hair is nicely scripted with a color change option for the headband.

Agnis Class Sandals in Red - .::Tara Shoes::. - Midnight Mania board -

Island Girl Red on Green dress - .:DLD:. - Guess and Win board (second floor) -

*ALI* hair in Platinum - ::RubisoHo:: - Lucky boards

Happy Hunting <3 Moira

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Found A Daisy

The outfit is from Xanadua and the hair is from Creations.

Hair: Hungover @ Creations
Outfit: Daisy @ Xanadu

Bish Please.

Earlier today a friend pointed me to Toxic Bish, and I don't know how I made it so long in SL without finding it earlier.  They have some great group gifts out right now, as well as an awesome freebie basement.

In store right now Toxic Bish is offering this skin in two skin tones as a free gift to group members.  It includes the under eye scar and slight bruising near the mouth.  Terrific skin for a grungier look.
The same skin in the tanned tone.

The outfit is a freebie from Bish, located under the store, plus jewelry from the MHOH hunt, tat from the Just for Fun hunt, and adorable hair with hat from Savior Hair.

 With boots from the lucky chairs at +DV8+, this entire outfit comes in at 1L or less!

Warrior Bish Skin - [Toxic Bish] - In store group gift (free to join)

ToxicBish Diva outfit - [Toxic Bish] - In store freebie

(Posh) Rosey Love in Sunflower - Savior Hair -

Night Sprite Boots in Moss - +DV8+ lucky chairs -

MHO Bangles and Necklace (earrings too, but not shown!)  - Ear Candy MHOHunt prize -

"Mix" Tattoo - [Dark & Burn] Just for Fun hunt prize -

Perce Ma Langue piercing - Acide! MHOHunt Prize -

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Make Her Over Hunt

The creators of the widely successful Make Him Over Hunt have finally organized one for us girls!  The hunt is open through October 25th and features over 100 stores.  You do need to be a group member to participate, but it is free to join.

So far I am a little over halfway through, and I have found a number of great additions to my wardrobe.  Here are a few of the prizes:

M&C Factory offered up this sweet little dress for hunters.  The arm bows are so adorable!

Sweetheart Red and White - .:::M & C Factory:::.  MHOHunt gift -
 Ami hair in Ruby - D!va - Lucky board (group members only, but free to join!)

I stumbled across this freebie hair quite by accident.  It is a group gift, but the group is free to join, and it comes in a fat pack of over 20 colors!

Another great hunt outfit.  This one might be my favorite so far!

Belinda hair in Smoked Walnut - * 0 Style* Group Gift -
Freckles and Blush Tattoo layer - CricKeTs in store gift -

With so many great stores participating, this is one hunt not to miss!

I've been Tainted!

This outfit is from the great store of Tainted Designs.  The hair is from Menzis Hair.
The skin is from Mamboo Chic it is in the lucky boards.  The hair is from your inventory in the library.
Hair: Chrome Lady @ Menzis Hair
Skin: Pauline_uncolour lips_free @ Mamboo Chic
Outfit: Female Gift @ Tainted Design

Moira the New Girl!

I am very excited to start blogging fashion and freebies for Sit Here Slap This and Yer Mawm!  I have been a member of the SHST group since almost the beginning and it is one of my favorites.

Thank you for giving me the chance to become part of the blog team!

First I would like to show you a stunning pair of wings from one of the MM boards at ♛GM & LB DESIGNS♛ MAINSTORE.
These babies are stunners.  Not your typical wings, they glow on their own and are formed by particles, making them shimmer and change color in a truly ethereal way.

Packaged with the wings, the creator also included a great shape and eyes.  Check it out!

♛GM & LB DESIGNS♛ MAINSTORE - Ariel Shape (including wings) - Free MM board

The rest of my outfit is not free, or freebies that are no longer available.  I will try to create more cost friendly outfits in the future, but I just couldn't resist how this dress looked with the wings.

Hair - Quinn in Anxious Blond -
Skin - Audrey tone 4 - []::Tuli::[] (previous free gift for VIP group, now available in store for purchase)
Dress - Rowena Light - *Evie's Closet* (In the sale area, onlt 50L!)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

N-Core (Post Update)

N-core has removed their freebie shoes =(

Monday, September 26, 2011

Annabella Sings her Song

This outfit is a freebie at Annabella's Song.
This hair is on the MM board set for 80 slaps. Go get yours =)

Outfit: Bump Freebie @ Annabella's Song
Hair: Mandy II @ Ari

All About Crissy!

This hot pink dress is the gift out at Crissy Designs.

If you have time you should really go through the inventory library.  I found this hair style. Under Female Rocker Hair.


N-Core has this shoes as a group gift up, it comes in black with polka dots and it comes with a HUD that you can change the color of the shoe to white.  Also you can change the color of toenails.

Shoes: N-core Group Gift ETERNITY "Dots Edition" @ N-Core
Hair: Female Rocker Hair @ Your Personal Inventory.
Outfit: *Diane Dress* JULY GIFT @ Crissy Designs

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Baccckkkk!

After a stint of not posting (mostly because of RL problems), I'm back. So I have 4 different stores to show lets kick it off.....

This is the new group gift from Mary Jane Shoes. It comes with a hud that you can change the size color of the toenails and weather to have the ankle strap on or not.

The 5k Member gift is still available at D!va. There is also a 10k, and 15k member gift available. Just not shown.

This outfit is a dollarbie at Warrior Inside.

This skin is from LaCrima, it's a nice skin, one side has mascara running down the cheek.

Shoes: *MJS* Alluring BLACK @ Mary Jane Shoes
Hair: "D!va" More then 5000 group member celebration gift @ D!va
Outfit: "W" vendor free shirt F #1 @ Warrior Inside
Skin: *LaCrima* Groupgift September @ LaCrima