Monday, August 1, 2011

Under the Moon & Through the Chain & Vines

Chain & Vine has a great skin in the group notices. It comes with 5 different shades. I am posting one of them.. Guess you gotta go there and check it out for yourself =P. Also this outfit is in the group notices as well. Beofre I ran over there I stopped by LALA Moon to see what they had for gifts. I found this hair in several different colors in the pack. Also the shoes come in several different colors.

Outfit: Wine and Olive (Group Gift[in notices]) & Skin: Lael II @ Chain & Vine secondlife:///app/group/f3faa713-be4f-c06d-4a54-7931a0661214/about
Hair: Pegasus @ LALA Moon @
Boots: Suede Boots @ LALA Moon @

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