Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walking the Line, Searching for a Sassy Kitty

So I got a nc earlier from a scribo to go check out a new gift so I ran to .:Line:. to see what was up. They had these 2 tops ripped tank tops that were sheer. The tops come in both black and white and all layers. After picking them up I ran to Sassy Kitty where I picked up some great pants to go with the new found goodies. The pants come in a soild version and a cut up verison.

And I just can not get enough of this hair. I picked it up from the hair fair its from JE Republic its for the boys. But it looks so damn good on me =P.

Shirt: Ripped Top-Black/White (Scribo Gift) @ :::LiNe:::
Pants: Unbuttoned Long Shorts (3 different boxes, but each has the solid & cut versions) @ Sassy Kitty

Hair: JE Republic-Platinum-Cheol-II-Dark Wine @ JE Republic Hair Fair

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