Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roseanne Reruns!

So I've been sitting here on the laptop while I watch reruns of Roseanne. One of my most favorite shows of all time. I started going around variety stores to slow a hot outfit together. The hubby leaned over and gave the "Damn that's sexy" approval. So here you have it...

Hair: Previously blogged (but was in red)
Skin: Priviously blogged
Shirt: Free Lace Top 1L @ Coca & Wolf
Pants: Black leggings @ NirSar Design
Shoes: Boots Black 1L @ Candymetal
Lickstick: Icykiss Lips-Icykiss Lips 08 1L @ Glamorize

The boots come in several different colors, although they do not come in a fatpack so they are a linden each. Each one is well worth 1L.

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