Thursday, June 23, 2011

Group Gifts & Lucky Boards Make Julya A Happy Girl

I was checking the MM board at Hoodgirlz and Hoodboyz because they normall have some kick ass MM boards, but I was too late and it was locked. So I started wandering around the store & ran into their group gifts section. I saw this outfit out of all that was screaming my name so natural I snagged it & ran. I added the Troll Gem from the Taste of Second Life hunt from my friend Kayliegh Lykin owner of Factorie. I stood around Rockberry's for about 20 mintues and got the Megan skin in every color other then the Dark Tan. I got called away before I could get it, but I am blogging 3 out of 4 of them. Then since I'm not much of a shoe person I went on marketplace where I find all my shoes for free.

Skin: Megan A Lucky/Natural (Lucky Board) @ Rockberry
Dress: HoodGirlz 5 Purpel @ HoodGirlz & Boyz (Group Gift)
Shoes: Sculpted Platinum Platforms (2 for 1)- Boxed (Comes w/or w/o bows)
Belly Jewel: Troll Gem (Hunt Gift:TOSL) @ Factorie
Hair: SheWolf (Group Gift) @Me-I Humanoid

Below are the 3 skins I got from the lucky board:

Pic#1: Megan Lucky/Dark
Pic#2: Megan Lucky/Tan
Pic#3: Megan Lucky/Natural

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