Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Time A Waiting...Shameless Plug

Soul Windows-Spawned-Dark & Stormy-0L

Soul Windows-Spawned-LeafMeAlone-30L

Soul Windows-Halcyon-BlueVelvet-30L

Soul Windows-Dahlia-OliveJuice-30L

It has been a few days since my last post. RL has been kicking my ass lately, and haven't had ANY time. But Vic & I were chatting and we thought that we would do ONE post that featured stuff that cost money. Hence, our shameless plug. So get your ass down to IM CaPPeD. These fantastic eyes are only 30L. That's right 30L, there is no exuse to be able to swing by and get some. Dig in your couch and pull up the lindens. Don't miss out! Also there are 4 of them out there that are freebies, you just gotta look for them. This is all @ IM CaPPeD

Here is the free gift @ my store SHAPE ME Shapes. I have an MM board that is going that I force, and all my shapes have been knocked down from 500L to 350L. Come by and pick up your free shape. There is also a male shape there for the boys.

Shape: Synn @ SHAPE ME Shapes
Hair: Ponytail 1L@ Curio

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