Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Time A Waiting...Shameless Plug

Soul Windows-Spawned-Dark & Stormy-0L

Soul Windows-Spawned-LeafMeAlone-30L

Soul Windows-Halcyon-BlueVelvet-30L

Soul Windows-Dahlia-OliveJuice-30L

It has been a few days since my last post. RL has been kicking my ass lately, and haven't had ANY time. But Vic & I were chatting and we thought that we would do ONE post that featured stuff that cost money. Hence, our shameless plug. So get your ass down to IM CaPPeD. These fantastic eyes are only 30L. That's right 30L, there is no exuse to be able to swing by and get some. Dig in your couch and pull up the lindens. Don't miss out! Also there are 4 of them out there that are freebies, you just gotta look for them. This is all @ IM CaPPeD

Here is the free gift @ my store SHAPE ME Shapes. I have an MM board that is going that I force, and all my shapes have been knocked down from 500L to 350L. Come by and pick up your free shape. There is also a male shape there for the boys.

Shape: Synn @ SHAPE ME Shapes
Hair: Ponytail 1L@ Curio

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sometimes I'm A D!va, Sometimes I'm a Sinner

D!va has their 2nd Anniversary group gift out. It comes in SEVERAL colors and you can take the bow on or off, the bow also comes with many different colors and designs. It's a definate must have.

D!va Hair "Maya" 2nd Anniversary @ D!va

Outfit: A Lil Bit Country Outfit @ Sinners

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Group Gifts & Lucky Boards Make Julya A Happy Girl

I was checking the MM board at Hoodgirlz and Hoodboyz because they normall have some kick ass MM boards, but I was too late and it was locked. So I started wandering around the store & ran into their group gifts section. I saw this outfit out of all that was screaming my name so natural I snagged it & ran. I added the Troll Gem from the Taste of Second Life hunt from my friend Kayliegh Lykin owner of Factorie. I stood around Rockberry's for about 20 mintues and got the Megan skin in every color other then the Dark Tan. I got called away before I could get it, but I am blogging 3 out of 4 of them. Then since I'm not much of a shoe person I went on marketplace where I find all my shoes for free.

Skin: Megan A Lucky/Natural (Lucky Board) @ Rockberry
Dress: HoodGirlz 5 Purpel @ HoodGirlz & Boyz (Group Gift)
Shoes: Sculpted Platinum Platforms (2 for 1)- Boxed (Comes w/or w/o bows)
Belly Jewel: Troll Gem (Hunt Gift:TOSL) @ Factorie
Hair: SheWolf (Group Gift) @Me-I Humanoid

Below are the 3 skins I got from the lucky board:

Pic#1: Megan Lucky/Dark
Pic#2: Megan Lucky/Tan
Pic#3: Megan Lucky/Natural

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What A Marjor Xplosion!

So I stopped by Xplosion today to see what they had for freebies. And I'll be damned, they where EVERYWHERE. Outfits, pants, shirts, eyes, even skins. There is so much that I'm not gonna blog them all I just picked a few. But definately stop by & pick it all up. It will give you at least a good hour to go through them all.

Outfit # 1: PrettyLady @ Xplosion
Eyes: Diamond Eyes (Grey) @ Xplosion
Skin: NG SkinColor A @ Xplosion
Hair: Sporty Ponytail *Night* @ Bitch Tails
Shoes: Free Black Leather Boots
Pose: SLuicide Girls (Group Gift) @ Exposeur

Outfit#2: Cross Roads Break @ Xplosion
(Rest posted above)

Outfit #3: BloodSkull @ Xplosion

Skin, Hair, Pose posted above. Shoes previously posted.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I was bored so I went searching for M.O.A.R.

So it was around the time of Midnight Xmas (what I call the time that we get all the MM board gifts in) & I was getting bored. So I went searching for new freebies to throw at you ladies. So I landed at M.O.A.R. & this is what I dug up.

Skin: Megan @ *YS&YS* Previously blogged.
Outfit: June (Group gift) @ M.O.A.R.
Hair: Vanessa @ BishWear Hair
Shoes: Diamond Star @Marketplace

Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

Sorry for missing the post yesterday. With Father's Day & all time caught up with me. I am doing a double post to make up for yesterday. Now on to the show....

The dress is one of two dollarbies put out by BSN. It's sexy & shows off a lot of skin. The back has a large side of back cut out as well, like in the front. I found these clogs on Marketplace for a linden. You can't beat this outfit for 2L.

Hair: In Space-Blonde w/black tips @ Curio (Scribo gift)
Skin: Megan @ *YS&YS* Previously blogged.
Outfit: Provocative Club Dress-Black Glitter 1L@ BSN
Shoes: Patulas House Black Clog Night @ Marketplace 1L

Look at those Dirty Hands....

Well as you all know, if it shows off the ass or bares boobs I'm all for it. This outfit gives both. Ripped up half top and sexy red boyshorts. Should make for some great ass pinching.

Hair: In Space-Blonde hair (tinted black) @Curio (Scribo Gift)
Skin: Megan @ *YS&YS* Previously Blogged.
Outfit: Underwear Gift @ Dirty Hands
Shoes: Sparrowcat Free Sneakers @ Marketplace

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Uh Oh! Julya's Here......

Hey everyone. If you know me then be scared. Vic has given me a chance to show off my finds & well for a lack of a better word, sleezy style. I scan the grid to find what shows the most skin. I look for freebies, dollarbies, group gifts, MM boards and Lucky chairs/boards. One thing I am a FIRM believer in is posting things that are truly free or at the most 1L. I will not post things that cost lindens to join groups. With that said, the last couple of weeks I have talked to some great designers to donate to the SHST HQ "Pay It Forward" project. The group headquarters that has some true quality items for free. So here's a taste.

Shape: Personal NOT FOR SALE
Hair: Ellie (Brick) @ Hair @ Vignette
Skin: Lindsey (Group Gift) @ Mamboo Chic
Shirt: Lottie Top Blue by Devilish Designs @ SHST HQ "Pay It Forward"
Pants: *JB* Originals Urban Blues-Hands Off Special by *Just BECAUSE* @ SHST HQ "Pay It Forward"
Shoes: Sneakers (Black) @ In Her Shoes

Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ *YS&YS*
Hair: Wolf (Group Gift) [Comes w/color changing menu & resizer] @ Me-I Humanoid
Outfit: Oh Lala! from B!asta @ SHST HQ "Pay It Forward"
Shoes: Classic Sling (Black) @ In Her Shoes