Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Time For A New Beginning!

My friend Bomboloni Freschi the awesome creator @ B!ASTA has this out as her Janurary gift.  Go snag it today so you can be all dolled up for New Years Eve.  This picture does not give it justice at ALL.  The movement on this dress is breathtaking.  Yeah I said it, I don't get all girly a lot of the time, but if any designer is gonna make me wanna dress up it would be Bomb. =)

Hair: Alice (Midnight) (Group Gift) @ Tameless
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Dress: New Beginnings (Group Gift) @ B!asta

Strange @ Birth

This skin is a group gift from Tableau Vivant.  It is called Adam.  If your into the pale look this is a fantastic skin.  Also, there is a great photobooth as a group gift as well.  It is not shown here but it's a snow scene with 4 poses for both male and female.  The boxers can be found on Marketplace & the hair is from the Diamond Is Mine Hunt still available @ Birth.

This Demon avatar is available for free @ Birth.  It comes with wings, skin, & eyes.

Skin: Adam (Xmas Group Gift) @ Tableau Vivant
Skin: Demon (Group Gift) @ Birth
Hair: Hawk (DIMH3 Stop #52) Hint: I have to clear my desk before I can get any work done. @ Birth
Boxers: B&W Boxer 1L @

Friday, December 30, 2011

Shack Man

Shirt: Shack Vest (Black) @ Shack Man
Hair: Once (MENstuff stop #78, still out) @ Bad@ss

Poised & Ready

Designers are getting ready NYE.  They are sending gifts out like crazy.

The hair on this picture has SEVERAL different colors.  I think about 30 colors.  Thank you CaTwA. This dress also came by Scribo from Poised.

This hair was sent out by the scribo from Exile.  It comes in 4 different colors.  I snagged the corset from the lucky board at Poised.

Pic #1:

Pic #2:
Hair: Nikki (Persimmon)  (Scribo)  @ Exile
Shirt: Corset 04-c (Lucky Board) @ Poised

Jasper's Seeing Stars

This is this weeks MM outfit offered by Carrie's Lingerie (I'm a bit late because of RL).  It's pretty much 2 outfits in one, it has this great gold overlay and then it comes with a gold bikini.

Hair: Alice (Midnight) (Group Gift) @ Tameless
Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Lingerie: Jasper (Gold) (MM Board, 100 slaps) @ Carrie's Lingerie

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh, Mon Cherri...

Trashy Girls In Style has rebranded and now they are *Mon Cherri*.  They have this very sexy gift out.  It comes with a boa & heels.

The skin is from Belleza, they are participating in a project in Beachwood which they kindly dropped a copy of Erika down with red lips. It is under the tree with a bunch of other well known stores merchandise.

Skin: Erika (Under Xmas tree) @ Beachwood

Outfit: Fallen Angel @ *Mon Cherri*

Hair:  Caught (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog

Raine Makes My HeartSick

This great outfit was free @ Zibware called Raine, there are about 9 more there.  This was one.



Left to Right: Reverie, Obsidian, Rapture, Cassis

Winter Kiss

Left to Right: Reverie, Obsidian, Rapture, Cassis

Hair: Alice (Midnight) (Group Gift) @ Tameless
Skin: Cheesecake & Winter Kiss @ Heartsick

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ringing In the New Year

So the new year is coming, and here is a cute little party dress for you to bring in the New Year with.  There is also a red version of the dress not pictured.

Dress: New Year Gift (Black) 1L @ CandyMetal
Hair: Alice (Midnight) (Group Gift) @ Tameless
Skin: Grace (Group gift) @ Angeldust

Monday, December 26, 2011

3 G's: Group Gifts Galore

This great sparklely dress caught my eye, I explored the shop and found other great gifts.




Pic #1: Dazzle @ Badoura

Pic #2: Grace (Lilac) (Scribo Gift) @ Badoura
Pic #3: Eve (Purple) (Group Gift) @ Badoura
Skin: Nana (Group Gift) @ Al Vulo
Hair: Alice (Midnight) (Group Gift) @ Tameless

Woke Up From Christmas & the Ground Was Covered With Angeldust

So I was about to log off and I got this great message, I had to run and blog it before I got some sleep.  This is now my regular skin, I didn't think I could find something hotter then the Megan skin I normally wear but this is.  This is a group gift at Angeldust named Grace.

This outfit is called Satin Babe

Skin: Grace @ Angeldust
Hair: Pulse (Raven/Sin) (Scribo)  @ Exile
Outfit: Satin Babe (Group Gift) @ Angeldust

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Poor Santa, He's Hot & His Pulse is Racing

This outfit is a gift from Je T'aime.  It comes with shoes.


This picture was done by a friend, Phobs.  Thanks hun =)

This hair was delieverd by Exile's Scribo.  This is my new favorite hair.  It's called Pulse.  The color combination kicks ass. Raven & Sin.

This is another hair that comes in the Scribo.  This is called Veronique.

Outfit: Hot Peppers *Santa* (Full outfit w/boots) @ Je T'aime

Hair: Pulse (Raven/Sin) (Scribo) & Veronique:Autumn/Fawn @ Exile

A Decadent D!va Loves Skins For Christmas Presents

Curio sent out a great Christmas gift.  From left to right, Acorn, Bean, Moonbeam, Petal, Sundust.  The hair in the pics is Chika4.

The skin is from Natural Beauty.  The hair is from Analog Dog, Quest (Raw Honey).

Madison Long hair

The shirt is a Christmas gift from Decadent, open verison, w/ Washu hair.

The shirt is a Christmas gift from Decadent, the hair is Madison.

Rena hair

Skin: Acorn, Bean, Moonbeam, Peta, Sundust (Group Notices) secondlife:///app/group/ac875571-b60c-046a-d1a7-6f0f530447b1/about

Skin: Larisa (Winter Dream) (Group Gift) @ Natural Beauty
Sweater: Cropped Cardigan (Group Gift) @ Decadent
Hair: Chika4 & Rena (Group Gift) D!va
Hair: Madison, Madison Long, Quest, Washu @ Analog Dog

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rockin' my Panda Muffs on Xmas

ChiChickie put out these kick ass Panda muffs.  The lipgloss is from Mock Cosmetics.  The hair is from D!va.  And the sweater is from +tribe+. (Pants not included, did my best to edit them out, I swore I would never promote anything over 1L.)

Makeup: Vitrail Lip Glass (Divinity [lip 2]) (Under the tree) @ Mock Cosmetic

Ear Muffs: ChiChickie Ear Muffs @ ChiChickie

Sweater: Merry Christmas @ +tribe+
Hair: Marie (Group Gift) @ D!va

Friday, December 23, 2011

All Wrapped Up!

This is the Scribo gift inside the store, you need to join the Scribo as you enter the store, but go inside to the left and click the big sign.  It's a bit of work but it is SOOO worth it.

Outfit: GirlGirl (Scibo)  @ Line

Hair:  Caught (Raspberry)  (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog

Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS

Naughty Darlin' On Christmas

In the Gift room @ Blacklace they have these 2 great outfits out for Xmas.



Darlin' Back

These skins are from the Scribo @ LAQ

Ebba, Cococa



Pic #1:  Lingerie: Naughty Littyle Gift @ Blacklace
Pic #2: Darlin' @ Blacklace
Skin: Ebba (Cocoa, Peachy, Ivory) @ LAQ
Hair:  Ladonna (tinted Red) (Free ball on beach) @ Analog Dog