Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Winter is quickly approaching and our favorite SL designers are gearing up to keep our pixels stylishly toasty.

*Bellies* has a stunning black peacoat on the Midnight Madness board. Get fifty of your best friends together and beat the shit out of the board. At midnight, it will throw this lovely item out at you.Having snagged this beautifully made coat, I needed boots so I headed over to In Her Shoes where *everything* is free and snatched up these adorable boots.And since I am not allowed to play in the snow without pants on, I jetted over to Beatnik and picked up these awesome leopard print leggings in white *and* blue, as well as a wooden bead jewelry set for the rock bottom price of $0L.
My perfectly tousled braids are courtesy of the Lucky Boards at D!va. The boards there are restricted to D!va group members. Membership is free. If you do join, make sure you head up to the second floor to gather up all the group gifts.My eyes are the September gift from Sterling Artistry. My skin is by Mocksoup Graves of desolation/grace. It's not available to the public, yet. However, there is a gift box at the shop stuffed full of skins and clothes. Drop by and get yours.

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