Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Winter is quickly approaching and our favorite SL designers are gearing up to keep our pixels stylishly toasty.

*Bellies* has a stunning black peacoat on the Midnight Madness board. Get fifty of your best friends together and beat the shit out of the board. At midnight, it will throw this lovely item out at you.Having snagged this beautifully made coat, I needed boots so I headed over to In Her Shoes where *everything* is free and snatched up these adorable boots.And since I am not allowed to play in the snow without pants on, I jetted over to Beatnik and picked up these awesome leopard print leggings in white *and* blue, as well as a wooden bead jewelry set for the rock bottom price of $0L.
My perfectly tousled braids are courtesy of the Lucky Boards at D!va. The boards there are restricted to D!va group members. Membership is free. If you do join, make sure you head up to the second floor to gather up all the group gifts.My eyes are the September gift from Sterling Artistry. My skin is by Mocksoup Graves of desolation/grace. It's not available to the public, yet. However, there is a gift box at the shop stuffed full of skins and clothes. Drop by and get yours.


Goblins and ghouls. Zombies and witches. Freddy and Jason. Vampire panda bears. Halloween seems to push the creative envelope and makes us all feel better about visiting with our darker nature.

And of course, if we can do that for free, it's even better.

The avatar that I'm wearing here was a hunt prize from The Pumpkin Head that I picked up while doing the BOO Hunt. The cupcake seat is a freebie from Bubblez Design. Trick *and* treat! Yum!

I'm a huge fan of the more sinister offerings of SL. I am in constant pursuit of stabbies and bloody, gorey outfits. I hang with a bad crowd (insane vampires) and encourage the plundering of sex hamsters. All the more reason to pile on the cuteness!

Putti Tiny Shop has this adorable tiny witch avatar in the lucky chair. The letter changes every ten minutes or you can accelerate the process by calling the letters in Sit Here Slap This group chat.

I made a valiant effort at the Twisted Hunt - Fall 2010. I didn't make it through all of it. But, that's no surprise. I know people who can fly right through hunts like they have a PhD in treasure hunting. I'm more like that one kid in your first grade class that always had gum in her hair, ate the paste, and ran with scissors.

For my efforts, I scored this adorably sinister tiny voodoo doll avatar from Dilly Dolls. If you pop by, there are great freebies to be had. At the moment, there are two Midnight Madness and three Lucky Boards up.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life's a Carnival!

Summer fairs and carnivals must be on everyone's minds these days. SL creators seem to be channeling the smell of funnel cakes and corn dogs into their designs lately.

On the Lucky Board at *BC322 Skull&Bones* is the most adorable, kooky, cotton candy inspired hair EVAR! The board is on a five minute timer and is well worth stalking!

The ZombiePopcornSL Carnival is in full swing and features some of SL's best designers. VooDoo Baby, League, Nomine, Reek, Agent Orange, and many, many others have made an impressive showing at this fabulous event. Show Me On The Doll stole my heart with a FREE special skin called "I Cry Painted Tears". Make a point to stop by Putrid Gloom's booth and get your copy. It's truly lovely and goes perfectly with that *BC322 Skull&Bones* hair.

Dress: Starry Dress by Katat0nik

Boots: Axis Mundi by Katat0nik

Skin: I Cry Painted Tears by SMOTD

Hair: *BC322* Star Fest PinkA

Eyes: Lost in the Dark by Tacky Star

Shape: Mine!


There have been a number of people who suggested that I just blog it! I have never blogged before and fully expect that I will completely suck at it. However, to quell the angry masses, I will take a stab at it with my

My Second Life seems to be spent dashing about from Midnight Mania Boards to Lucky Chairs to hunt locations to Industrial/EBM clubs. Yeah, I know.

Along the way, I run across some pretty awesome stuff for free. Yeah, FREE! I'll be sharing that information with you here.

Inworld, I am the founder and co-owner of Sit Here Slap This. If you are interested in becoming a member of that group of awesomeness, please drop me a notecard. Enrollment is by invitation only so that we can keep the riff raff to a minimum.

Stay tuned.